SNACKSTICKS – Regular snacksticks have a mildly spicy flavor that are a great snack anytime.

JALAPENO & CHEESE SNACKSTICKS – Our wonderful snacksticks with jalapeño zing and cheese flavor. A favorite of many of our hunters and snackers alike.

BBQ SNACKSTICKS – BBQ snacksticks have a mild flavor that kids love. You’ll find a little more sweetness like in Kansas City BBQ!  Enjoy them right here at home from Pioneer Meats in Big Timber, Montana.

OLE’S SNACKSTICKS – Ole’s for all the Norwegians we live with. The spiciest of all the sticks, it is a great snack to serve to the football fans you are hosting. A little beer and the tailgate is complete.

TAHITIAN SNACKSTICKS – With a unique blend of pineapple, mozzarella and blue cheese, the Tahitian Snackstick is quickly becoming a fan favorite!

SWEET SRIRACHA SNACKSTICKS – This snack offers a bold, but not spicy, flavor with a hint of sweetness to provide a savory eating experience.