Wild Game processing

Hunting in Montana can be an exhilarating experience.  Pioneer Meats is excited to turn your harvest into your favorite cuts and award winning sausages.  During general hunting season we are open 7 days a week until 5 pm.  Arrangements for later drop off can be made in advance.

Throughout the hunting season we are asked for tips on proper animal handling after the harvest. Not only are we willing to give some perceptive advise, we are hoping you would ask so your meat does not get ruined.  The majority of our friends, family and neighbors are avid hunters.  Sadly, we have seen many injuries and even a few deaths that occur during this season.  We would like to share some safe hunting tips that will hopefully bring you home to your family.

The prices for the 2014 hunting season are listed below.  We now have our custom Wild Game Processing form on the webpage.  Please feel free to fill it out, save the file and send it back to us via e-mail: brian@pioneermeatsmt.com, fax at 406-932-4555, or mail at PO Box 100, Big Timber, MT  59011.

Happy hunting and we can’t wait to see you.  We want your pictures of your successful hunt!  Please bring them in, e-mail them to us or post on Facebook and tag Pioneer Meats.  We will post on our website for everyone to be envious!



  Elk           $25
  Deer        $15
  Antelope   $15 

Pricing Per Pound
Minimum $100

Elk       1.00/lb
Deer   1.00/lb
Antelope   $75 + skin 

Rush Fee

Elk          $100
Deer        $50
Antelope   $30 


Fresh Sausage – Bulk
Sage, Red Mountain, Italian or Chorizo

Hot Dog

Hot Dog $3.25/lb.

Pepper Sticks
Regular, BBQ, Siracha, Polynesian, Ole’s or Jalapeno/Cheese
$3.65 per lb 

Large Smoked
Summer Sausage, Hunter’s Sausage w/
Pepperjack or J&C Salami
$3.25 per lb. 
Jerky – Whole Muscle
Regular or Northwest $5.50 per lb.

Jerky – Ground & Formed

Regular or Northwest  $5.50 per lb

Smoked Brats
Plain – $2.75 per lb.
Sriracha Brat  $2.75 per lb
Cheese – $3.15 per lb.
Jalapeno and Cheese $3.30 per lb.
Hawaiian, Bakken Brat, Mango Habanero and
Polynesian Brat $3.75 per lb.