Domestic Meat Processing

We are ranchers and consumers, just like you.  We demand a well processed animal cut to our specifications and pride ourselves on doing just that for each and every one of our customers.  Whether this is the first time you have purchased an animal for your freezer or have been doing this for a hundred years; we are here to assist you in the process.  We feel honored that you have entrusted our State Inspected plant to process your domestic animal.

Have you ever wondered about where those cuts of meat come from, or why we ask you all those silly questions?  Well, here are some answers for you.  Purchasing beef in bulk gives an explanation to all those questions and outlines cuts of meat and where they come from.

To make your life easier, we custom process your animal.  The forms we use to take your order are here on our site.  Once you have filled out your custom domestic processing form, save the file and then e-mail back to us, or print it and fax it to us at 406-932-4555, drop it by the store or just stick it in the mail at P.O. Box 100, Big Timber, MT  59011.

Our processing fees are listed below.  Call today to order an animal for your freezer or to schedule a harvest.  406-932-4555

Harvest = $145
Oversized Carcass (> 1000 lbs) = $170
*Cooling Fee = $50/hd
Cut & Wrap = $1.00/lb
Vacuum Packaging = $0.15/lb

Harvest = $80 / Sow Harvest = $95
*Cooling Fee = $20/hd
Cut & Wrap = $1.00/lb
Vacuum Packaging = $0.15/lb
Smoking Fee = $70 / Organic Smoking Fee = $90

Harvest = $80
*Cooling Fee = $10
Cut and Wrap = $1.00/lb with a $60 minimum
Vacuum Packaging = $10/hd

Harvest and/or Skinning = $135 + $35 Disposal
*Cooling Fee = $50
Cut and Wrap = $1.00/lb
Vacuum Packaging = $0.15/lb
Inspection Fee = $35-$50/head (approximate cost)

*Cooling fees are only assessed to animals removed from the plant as carcass.