GREEN ONION & CHEESE BRAT – With the green onion and cheddar smoked brat, you’ll find a delicious onion flavor with a creamy accent of cheddar cheese.

GREEN ONION & WILD RICE BRAT – Our green onion and wild rice brat has an earthy, natural undertone of wild rice flavor and green onions.

JALAPENO AND CHEESE BRAT – With the jalapeño and cheese brat, you’ll get a bold flavor – but not too spicy – with great jalapeño taste and sharp cheddar cheese.

HAWAIIAN BRATWURST – The Hawaiian Bratwurst has a nice, sweet pineapple flavor with mozzarella cheese and enhanced with a little spice.

CHEESE BRAT – Our cheese brat has a mild blend of seasoning with cheddar cheese.

BOBCAT BRAT – The Bobcat Brat is a tangy, bleu cheese and cheddar cheese brat – NOT made with bobcats – Go blue & gold!

GRIZ BRAT – The Griz Brat is made with sweet cranberries and creamy mozzarella cheese – NOT made with grizzly bears – Go maroon & white!

HERDER BRAT – The Herder Brat is made with extremely creamy bleu cheese and mozzarella. Go blue & white!

TRADITIONAL BRAT – The award winning traditional brat is full of flavor that everyone will enjoy. The spice profile will make you want another. Perfect over the fire, grill or heated in the microwave!  

BAAKEN BRAT – Our newest brat that has pineapple, jalapeño peppers, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. A sweet spicy treat for the taste buds! Pioneer Meats sends a salute to our friends in eastern Montana and western North Dakota.