Carne Adovada

For a little or a lot!

Thank you to our friend, AJ Knowles, for sharing this amazing dish!

2-4 New Mexico Chiles (Find them here!)

3-6 Cloves of Garlic

3 Strips of Bacon

2-3 lbs Pork Chop

2 lb Pork Shoulder

1-2 Russet Potatoes

1/2-1 White Onion

2-4 cups Chicken Broth

1/4-1/2 tsp Oregano

1/2-1 tsp Cumin

1/2-1 tbsp Chili Powder

1/2-1 tbsp Smoked Paprika

Cilantro (to taste)

Cojita or Feta Cheese (to taste)

  • Start by boiling the broth. While that comes up, deseed the chile pods by removing the stem end and shaking the seeds out.
  • Add the peppers to the broth and set aside once boiling and soak 20-30 minutes, puree in a blender with garlic until no bits of pepper remain.
  • In a skillet or dutch oven, render bacon fat and brown pork chop in the fat or sear pork shoulder to render the fat. Set aside.
  • Add potato and onion, diced in ¾” pieces and cook over medium high until potatoes are beginning to brown and onion is translucent, ~5 minutes.
  • Dice the pork into ¾” pieces, and add back to the pan once onions and potatoes are ready. Reduce heat to low, and add chili garlic sauce and cover. Cook, stirring occasionally for 30-45 minutes for a little, or 1-1.5hrs for a lot. The potatoes and pork should be soft, and the sauce should be thickened and reduced.
  • Add chopped cilantro to taste and stir. Add more cilantro on top, along with cotija (or feta, which is what I used here).