POLISH SAUSAGE – Our polish sausage has the full flavor you’d expect from traditional polish sausage.

ANDOUILLE – Andouille is a delightful smoked sausage with Cajun undertones. Ready to put into your favorite Gumbo or just eat hot. One of the favorites here at Pioneer Meats!

SMOKED KIELBASA – Smoked Kielbasa is an Eastern European sausage that has a wonderful garlic flavor.

SUMMER SAUSAGE – Summer sausage made perfect for your sandwich or meat tray. A mild, wonderfully flavored sausage the whole family can enjoy.

BRAUNSCHWEIGER – Braunschweiger is a liver based smoked sausage. The meat has a very soft, spread-like texture and a distinctive spicy liver-based flavor. It’s Brian’s favorite from the Pioneer Meats collection.

TANGY SUMMER SAUSAGE – Tangy summer sausage is very similar to the regular but with more zing. Another benefit is that it is shelf stable and is great for meat baskets and gifts to friends.  Talk to Pioneer Meats  fundraising ideas using this product.

JALAPENO AND CHEESE SALAMI – Jalapeno and cheese salami is the teenagers favorite for a sandwich. This salami has all the great flavor with the zing of jalapeño and the calm of cheese. A great mix for your hunting, work, skiing or afternoon sandwich. Goes well in any meat tray for your next party.