Tribe’s Fish and Wildlife Sings Praise

review of Pioneer Meats of Montana

We tend to hear very quickly when we do something wrong, so it’s always a great feeling when we hear that someone had a positive experience with Pioneer Meats.  We work to make every customer experience with us a positive one and while we like to here where we need to improve our products and services, it’s letters like the one below from Tom McDonald, Division Manager of the Fish, Wildlife and Conservation of Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of Pablo MT.

See the Full Letter positive review on Pioneer Meats here

First Elk Hunt Success

We were pleased to receive an email with this positive revew from a pleased customer.

“I had the feeling that when we walked into your place, we were making a good decision to have our animals processed by your team. After receiving the packages, seeing the care that was taken in preparation for shipment, I was even more convinced. I have not tried several of the meats yet, but the brat (J & C) and the jerky are outstanding! Others that have gotten to try it say it is the best jerky they have ever tasted and I have to agree (flavor and tenderness). I also thank you for doing it all at a reasonable price.

You also had the crates built and shipped my elk antlers and the muley back. Although expensive, in my mind it was less than some of the other options we would have had; none of which as convenient as you made it.

Like in our business, we tend to ALWAYS hear when something goes wrong, no matter how slight or major it is. In this case, you needed to know I am not just a satisfied customer, I am thrilled! I wanted to take a moment and let you know that. My two buddies also had positive things to say. I expect that we’ll hunt with Ivory Horn Outfitters again (they recommended you) and if we’re blessed to do so and are successful in our efforts, Pioneer Meats will be our choice for processing.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Jerry Rex | Hegman Machinery, LLC – A Morris Group, Inc. Company