Pioneer Meats wins at Internationally recognized meat competition

February 1, 2016

Pioneer Meats of Big Timber won international recognition at the “DFV-AAMP Quality Competition for Sausage and Ham”, held January 11-13, 2016 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The IFFA Quality competition was the first event of its kind held in the United States.

IFFA is the leading international trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry, and hosts an international meat competition every three years in Frankfurt, Germany.  The German Butchers’ Association (Deutscher Fleischer-Verband) formed a partnership with the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) to host the “satellite contest” in the U.S.  The results form the U.S. competition will be included with those from Germany and acknowledged as being a part of the international show.

Pioneer Meats will be awarded with:

-5 Gold Medals: Summer Sausage, Tangy Summer Sausage, Kielbasa, Smoked Brat, Bacon

– 1 Bronze Medal: Schudog Fresh Bratwurst

Thus, qualifying for the Cup Of Honour for special achievements in this competition.

To make the event identical to the show in Frankfurt, organizers sent judges from Germany to conduct the competition.  All entries were graded on appearance, consistency, smell, and taste.  The competition received more then 300 entries from 15 states.

AAMP Executive Director Chris Young said, “With an award from the German Butchers’ Association, our members demonstrate the international competitiveness and quality of their products.  On behalf of AAMP and our members, we congratulate Pioneer Meats for their outstanding achievements.”

Pioneer Meats will be attending the German Butchers’ Association ceremony at the IFFA in Frankfurt on May 10, 2016, where they will be awarded their certificates and trophies.

Pioneer Meats is a member of the American Association of Meat Processors, the nations’ largest trade organization representing small businesses int he meat industry.

Meat & Poultry highlights Pioneer Meats

Pioneer Meats sign with Crazy Mtns behind

The best view in South Central Montana

In November 2013 Meat & Poultry magazine, a very popular trade magazine for meat processors across the nation, featured Brian Engle and Pioneer Meats of Big Timber, Montana.  Brian stated, “It was an honor to be recognized by one of the leading publications for all meat processors.”

The article, entitled Living the Dream summed up how hard work and determination were the keys to making Pioneer Meats’ dream come true.  Stop by the Pioneer Meats shop and read it on the wall!  Thank you to the Meat and Poultry Magazine for taking the time to share our story.

Montana Farm Bureau showcases Pioneer Meats

Brian stated, “It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Miss Chelcie Cremer.”  Chelcie wrote the article for the quarterly magazine that is distributed throughout Montana.  Brian is a Sweet Grass County MFBF board member and has been for many years.

Thanks for the very nice shout out MFBF!

Tribe’s Fish and Wildlife Sings Praise

review of Pioneer Meats of Montana

We tend to hear very quickly when we do something wrong, so it’s always a great feeling when we hear that someone had a positive experience with Pioneer Meats.  We work to make every customer experience with us a positive one and while we like to here where we need to improve our products and services, it’s letters like the one below from Tom McDonald, Division Manager of the Fish, Wildlife and Conservation of Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of Pablo MT.

See the Full Letter positive review on Pioneer Meats here

First Elk Hunt Success

We were pleased to receive an email with this positive revew from a pleased customer.

“I had the feeling that when we walked into your place, we were making a good decision to have our animals processed by your team. After receiving the packages, seeing the care that was taken in preparation for shipment, I was even more convinced. I have not tried several of the meats yet, but the brat (J & C) and the jerky are outstanding! Others that have gotten to try it say it is the best jerky they have ever tasted and I have to agree (flavor and tenderness). I also thank you for doing it all at a reasonable price.

You also had the crates built and shipped my elk antlers and the muley back. Although expensive, in my mind it was less than some of the other options we would have had; none of which as convenient as you made it.

Like in our business, we tend to ALWAYS hear when something goes wrong, no matter how slight or major it is. In this case, you needed to know I am not just a satisfied customer, I am thrilled! I wanted to take a moment and let you know that. My two buddies also had positive things to say. I expect that we’ll hunt with Ivory Horn Outfitters again (they recommended you) and if we’re blessed to do so and are successful in our efforts, Pioneer Meats will be our choice for processing.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Jerry Rex | Hegman Machinery, LLC – A Morris Group, Inc. Company

Brian wins AAMP Accomplishment Award

At the national American Association of Meat Processors convention in 2013, Brian Engle was the recipient of the Accomplishment Award.  This Accomplishment Award was established to recognize up-and-coming AAMP members who have made strides in the meat industry. The award will honor a person or persons who have, for example, achieved outstanding company growth, successfully developed a new product, invention or service, or launched a noteworthy marketing campaign. He was nominated by his peers for this award.  Very proud of him!

Accomplishment Award